I'm 5'3" and just over 101 pounds. I would like to get to 95? Any tips?
- Anonymous

This worries me. My only tip for you is to talk to someone. You are already at such a low weight for someone at your height and getting even lower is not healthy. Please don’t hurt yourself.

I would just like to take a moment and thank you, I just found your blog and It has helped me already! I really want to get fit and lean for mulitple reasons (I'm changing schools and I'm just tired of being unhappy with my body) but I have no idea what to do or where to start and tbh I don't have enough motivation to keep me going.. But I really think that's going to change now :) so thank you and good luck! you've done such a great job!!
- Anonymous

Wow thank you! It makes me so happy when people send me sweet messages. I’m so glad I’m able to help you out. Take care and good luck! I know you can do it! :)

Wat wss ur diet like n wat exercises u did? Great transformation!

I just ate a basic healthy diet! No restrictions or any of that sort. Also, at the beginning of my weight loss, I just went on the elliptical, but then eventually I changed it and started adding strength training. xx

I LOVE YOU! There's no non-creeper way to put it haha! I'm so super happy I stumbled upon your blog! It's amazing, and so is your story, and beliefs and just everything! You're truly an inspiration to just having a happy and healthy lifestyle! I'm a little over excited coz I'm a twin too haha, but seriously, you've definitely made me want to maintain an active and healthier way of life, so thank you for that :) Hope you're well xoxo

This message is so sweet! Thank you. It really makes me happy how I help people and motivates me to keep blogging. You’re amazing and I’m sending good thoughts your way. :)

Hi, I have a treadmill in my room which i bought because I just cant face going to the gym, I try but I just cant do it, I know everyones there to get healthy etc but I feel too nervous, I want to start lifting though...but again i'm too nervous to go, especially considering i've never done it, do you think I should maybe get a personal trainer or something? so I know what i'm doing? (bareing in mind im pretty poor and jobless ;p) xx
- Anonymous

Hi lovely. I know how you feel, going to the gym for the first time and not knowing anything can be nerve wracking, but it gets easier. No one is going to judge. Everyone is busy with their own life and workout. When I go, I don’t really pay attention to other people. I focus on my own work. Also, You do not need a personal trainer. You can do fine on your own. Try do a lot of research online so you can be more informed on weights and the gym.

But if going to the gym is too hard for you mentally, then it’s okay. There’s other ways you can workout without one. Running outside and workout videos are good. Sorry if this isn’t much help. If anyone else has any other tips and advice, feel free to add!

Thank you so much for the reply!! You seem like such an amazing person by helping me out and thank you for your advice i am very appreciative for that thankyou!!! Ps. I'm 1000 calories burner girl haha ;)
- Anonymous

No problem! Glad I can help! :) Take care lovely xxx

Hi thanks for the reply , I am the 14 year old girl who burns 1000 calories (in a week) I think you may have read it wrong. Apologies if you read it right. But can you tell me what you think now
- Anonymous

I’m so sorry I misread your message at first and I thought you burned 1000 calories a day(it was 2:00 am ok). Anyway, I think eating 1,400 is too little for a 14 year old growing girl. At that age you will need more calories and energy for growth! I don’t want you too eat to little and ruin your body at such a young age. I really think you should see a dietitian, so you can make sure you get all your nutrients and that you’re’ staying healthy. Also, I am not in the place to tell you the exact amount of calories you need. I know there’s a a type of calculator on webmd that can tell you, but I can’t link it to you since I’m on my cell. xx

Sorry if this comes across as rude but i sent you a message this week and have realised you haven't replied to mine but have answered somebody else's . I feel heart broken ..... Can u answer mine? Please
- Anonymous

Oh I’m sorry! :( I never purposely ignore messages. I always read them and tell myself I’ll reply later since at the time I’m busy, but I forget sometimes! And sometimes I get a lot of messages and it gets overwhelming, but I’m sorry. If you send it again, I’ll be sure to answer it this time or tell me what your message was.

When doing cardio and strength training to lose fat should I do cardio first them strength train right after or strength train first? And also do they have to be right after one another or can I do them at different times a day?
- Anonymous

I think you should do strength training first. If you do cardio first you might get tired and by the time you do strength training, you won’t be able to perform at your full potential. Also, they don’t have to be right after each other! You can have different days where you rotate off each one. I did that before. xx

heyyy i was just wondering how big your snacks between meals are?? Like personally i get super hungry after school and i feel like i snack too much then!
- Anonymous

Idk, it really depends! Sometimes they’re big snacks and sometimes they’re small snacks. I listen to what my body wants and you shouldn’t feel bad for how much you’re eating. Just think on how you’re nourishing your body right and giving it fuel to survive on. A healthy body is a happy body.(does this make sense?) Xx

I have q question. What is type 2 bipolar and what are the symptoms?

Bipolar 2 disorder is a mental illness and one of four types of bipolar disorder. These disorders are characterized by uncontrollable mood swings, from elevated to depressed moods. Bipolar II is slightly more common than bipolar I, and is more common in women than in men.

A person with bipolar type II symptoms experiences depressed episodes, just as is seen in bipolar I, but also experiences hypomanic episodes rather than manic episodes. Hypomanic episodes can be thought of as milder forms of manic episodes.

I saw your before and after post....I think I may have bipolar. What was it like?

It was really hard at the time. I went through a lot, but it made me a stronger person today. If you think you have it, I would talk to someone and see a doctor.