Product of the week! :)

This year my school started selling these, so I decided to try it! The ingredients look good and I like the flavor, so why not try it? It was really delicious and I love it. Great alternative to soda or other unhealthy drinks. 10/10 would recommend. Oh and also, you can find these at Whole Foods or Earth Fare!

Thinking about posting more progress pics…. Idk

So I found someone in one of my classes who watches Supernatural and ships Destiel.

I like her and I think we’re probably gonna be good friends

Random late night thoughts- don’t judge

You probably think this is weird and stuff, but my social studies teacher is very cute. We’re like 6 years apart so he isn’t like that old. Only if I was older…..

(And no. I’m not gonna do anything about that. I’m not going to date him or try and it isn’t really a crush. I’m just stating he’s a good looking guy and Im going to like this class)

Oh and why do I typically like older guys like wtf I hate myself

It’s 2 am and I accidentally spilled pomegranate juice on my pants

How tall are you?
- Anonymous

none. no tallness here. severely lacking in the tall department. where is the tall. not here I’ll tell you that.

But really, I’m 5’7”. Not short or tall.

I swear how did i get addicted to this site

should i eat even if i am not hungry?
- Anonymous

If you’re not eating enough calories, then yes.

Thank you all for the replies and caring words from my last personal post. It really means a lot and I appreciate all of them.

I’ll get back to you all and make an update soon.

Can I be out of high-school already? (TW)

I got in trouble today and was called down to the Deans office. Let me make this clear, I never been in trouble or to the deans office before and I’m a good student. I was called down because of all my unexcused absences(2). I was absent so much because I been dealing with mental problems(I’m diagnosed with multiple) and can’t mentally handle school that day. Like it was really bad and how can I go to school without having a breakdown?? It’s not something I want. I want to go to school and do well. Having a mental illness isn’t a “good enough reason” and now I have community service for 90 minutes this Monday. After I left, I rushed into the bathroom crying and had a panic attack. I couldn’t breathe. I’m scared. I called my dad to see if he can help, but he said that I have to grow up and deal with it and that this should teach me a lesson??? He was mad. Well that didn’t help and it’s not my fault I have bi polar and anxiety disorder. (I am actually diagnosed by a doctor so it’s a real problem I struggle with). My dad thinks that even if you have a mental disorder , you can control it and be “ok”. He has no understanding on it on how it works. It’s only the first week of school and I already getting off with a bad start.

Right now I feel numb and can’t think straight.

What is your favourite meal!?

Breakfast! Oatmeal and homemade pancakes are the best! :)

Yes, 911, I have an emergency. School starts tomorrow and I’m being forced to go

Whole foods drink section is what keeps me alive

Whole foods drink section is what keeps me alive

What is your Instagram?
- Anonymous

Which one? My personal or health/food one?

My health/food one’s username is “Thehealthycook”, so basically the same name as my tumblr.