do you have a personal instagram?
- Anonymous


What detox do you use? I've looked at a few variations but I'm not sure...
- Anonymous

I don’t use a certain one. I made it myself by combining/tweaking different detoxes together.

What's the detox?
- Anonymous

It’s a kinda a “diet” where you eat certain foods/drinks that suppose to cleanse your body and flush out toxins! x

How many times a day do you eat?
- Anonymous

Idk it depends on what I’m doing that day. On school days I eat 3 meals, but on weekends I eat mostly lots of small snacks and just munch on stuff throughout the day. xx

Do you take any medication or have you in the past?
- Anonymous

Yes, I currently take medication.

Starting a detox today~

Gonna cleanse the toxins out of my body.

how hard is it to fully cut out bad food from your diet? Like I just started cutting out fries and chips out of my diet and it's hard, does it work better if i cut everything out at once or slowly do it?
- Anonymous

It depends! I’m pretty sure it’s hard for everyone at first, but after awhile of not eating it, it gets easier. Trust me, it wasn’t as easy for me. Being addicted to sugary and salty junk food at the time, I thought it was impossible to eat healthy. But After a years of not eating junk and only treating myself sometimes, I’m not even tempted. I prefer snacking on an apple instead of chips now. Just keep going! You’re doing awesome :)

How do I become popular?
- Anonymous

I’m probably the worst person to ask. I only have like two friends and I think they can barely tolerate me. But according to what my parents say, don’t be yourself. Which I don’t necessarily agree on….

Anyway, you shouldn’t worry so much on popularity! There are far more important things in life. Try to find a few close friends instead. It’s quality, not quantity. :)

I feel happy today! I am pretty sure I’m getting better, which is awesome.

Sorry i'm new to your blog and you've probably been asked this sooo many times but how long did it take you to lose the weight and also did you make a dramatic shift overnight to how you are eating now?
- Anonymous

It took me 6-7 months! And no, it took about 2 weeks to cut to a completely healthy diet, since it was hard at first. xx

Confession: I have a problem.

Everytime I’m depressed or want to take my mind off things, I exercise.
Nothing to do with anything with my body or fitness. I really enjoy running since I day dream and think of other things. Also I get “runners high”, meaning I get happier and feel on top of the world. It only lasts an hour or so though. Anyway, I been very depressed lately. I exercised for 2 hours today on the elliptical, which is ridiculous. And right now I want to exercise again because I’m feeling horrible right now. I have a class with a guy I like but he doesn’t like me and I’m losing friends, which idk why. Just having a hard time now I guess. I need to find a new way to coup with this. The thing is, exercising isn’t bad for you, it’s just when you exercise too much. 2 years ago I would just “binge” on food, but that’s not me anymore. I have no urge too. I seem to go to one extreme to another. Gotta talk to my physiologist about this soon.